Top 5 Best Viking Movies

Top 5 Best Viking Movies

You travel on a Viking ship on the North Sea towards England. On the ship are 13 warriors armed with axes and Viking shields, ready to fight. On the shield is a strange symbol: the so-called Valknut. Everyone has only one thing in mind: victory or Valhalla! Something like this could actually have happened over a thousand years ago.

The Vikings were one of the most fascinating cultures in history. They were famous for their spirit of adventure, bravery and fighting prowess. Their legends and myths have captured the imagination of generations and have helped attract more and more people to Viking culture and their Norse beliefs.
Norse beliefs and Viking culture have experienced a renaissance in recent years. This has also led to more and more films and TV shows, such as the award-winning series Vikings, being made about this fascinating culture and its history. Below we present the top 5 best Viking films.

5th place: Pathfinder - Trail of the Warrior (2007)
This film is about a Norse warrior who was raised by Vikings but found by another culture. He is forced to find his way back into his old culture while at the same time trying to find his way in the new world. The film shows the culture of the Vikings in an interesting and realistic way and also offers breathtaking action scenes.

4th place: Valhalla Rising (2009)
This film tells the story of a former warrior who was betrayed by his fellow Vikings and is now on a journey to seek revenge. On the way he encounters different cultures and has to come to terms with his own past. The film depicts Viking culture in a brutal and realistic manner and also features intriguing character development.

3rd place: The Northman (2022)
This film, due out later this year, tells the story of a Viking prince who seeks revenge for his father's death. The film promises spectacular action scenes and an interesting story centered around Norse mythology and culture.

2nd place: The Legend of Beowulf (2007)
Based on the famous Old English epic "Beowulf", this film tells the story of a legendary Viking warrior who fights a monster that plagues the land. The film shows the Viking culture in a realistic way and also offers spectacular action scenes and CGI effects.

1st place: The 13th Warrior (1999)
This film tells the story of an Arab trader who embarks on a perilous journey with a group of Vikings to fight a monster that is haunting their land. The film shows the Viking culture in a realistic way and also offers exciting action scenes and an interesting story that revolves around Norse mythology. Arguably one of the best Viking films of all time, The Thirteenth Warrior deserves a place on our list for its fantastic depiction of Viking culture and its gripping plot.

In addition to the films mentioned, there are of course many other great Viking films that are worth watching. Fascination with Viking culture and their Norse beliefs has grown exponentially in recent years, and there are more and more opportunities to learn more about this fascinating culture. Whether you like action, adventure or history - Viking films have something for everyone.

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