Ragnar Lothbrok: The legendary figure of the Viking Age

One of the most fascinating figures of the Viking Age, Ragnar Lothbrok has captivated historians and pop culture enthusiasts alike. In this blog post we will take a closer look at Ragnar Lothbrok, examine his story and explore the dividing line between legend and reality.

  1. The Legend of Ragnar Lothbrok: Ragnar Lothbrok is described as a mighty warrior and seafarer who embarked on numerous raids and captured great wealth. His adventures and courageous demeanor have made him a respected figure in Norse mythology.

  2. Historical Sources and Debate: There is debate as to whether Ragnar Lothbrok was a historical figure or just a literary creation. We look at the existing historical sources and discuss various theories about its existence.

  3. The Deeds of Ragnar Lothbrok Regardless of his historical reality, the deeds attributed to him are impressive. We explore his supposed conquests, discoveries and influence on Viking culture.

  4. Ragnar Lothbrok in pop culture: Ragnar Lothbrok became even more popular thanks to the TV series "Vikings". We take a look at his portrayal on the show, as well as other pop culture works in which he appears.

  5. The Importance of Ragnar Lothbrok: Ragnar Lothbrok's legend has played a significant role in Viking culture and beyond. We discuss its impact on Norse mythology and its importance as a symbol of courage and a spirit of adventure.

Bottom line: Ragnar Lothbrok remains an intriguing character whose legacy lives on as a symbol of bravery and exploration. Whether historical or mythological, his story continues to inspire people and immerse them in the world of the Vikings.


  • Caroline Itzeck

    Super Serie ich habe sie mir gleich auf Blueray gekauft und sie mir 2 mal angesehen ich liebe die Zeit

  • Roland Lappe

    Ich liebe die Serie " Vikings " aber auch Vikings Valhalla und auch The Last Kingdom
    bin auch ein Riesen Fan der Wikinger

  • Manni

    Eine Legende die Serie ist auch fantastisch.

  • Sascha G

    Einfach eine Charismatische Legende.

  • Anke Busse

    Ich liebe die Serie " Vikings "🪓🪓
    Bin ein riesen Fan!!!!

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